Black Actresses: Part I 

Oprah Winfrey Octavia Spencer Gina Torres Lupita Nyong’o | Viola Davis  | Lynn Whitfield | Rochelle Aytes Halle Berry | Gibourey Sidibe Kerry Washington Tracee Ellis-Ross Amber Riley Thandie Newton Nicole Beharie Kandyse McClure Sanaa Lathan | Joy Bryant | Jurnee Smollett

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"There should be a NEVER option next to the NOT NOW option…"

You will always be too much of something for someone: too big, too loud, too soft, too edgy. If you round out your edges, you lose your edge.

Apologize for mistakes. Apologize for unintentionally hurting someone — profusely. But don’t apologize for being who you are.


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You change the world by being yourself, Smart Girls!

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